H.C. Nilsson

Guitarist - Producer


Hello and welcome!
My name is Chris, a guitarist based in Stockholm, Sweden.
Working in various musical styles, recording and performing in multiple genres.
As well as producing instrumental tracks and guitar lesson material.
You can reach me via the contact button.


As a session guitarist, I perform studio recordings, and live shows.
If you're looking to improve, I also offer lessons and personal training outlines for every level of playing.

Featured in:

Backing Tracks:


A metal pet-project.
Latest release: Rötan II (2023)
The idea started with the "Rötmånad", the period when food spoils faster during the late summer.
It's a tribute and nostalgia band featuring original music, with the sound influenced by the 90's metal era.


Guitar Lessons & Mentorship

One hour online lesson via any of the webcam services:
Zoom, Discord, Google Meet etc.


A subscription based store that features all the backing tracks, tabs and music.Usually tracks get uploaded here first, before they become a packaged bundle:

Singles & Collections

Features 5 released single tracks.
Includes Backing Tracks and Tabs:
Shady couch corner
By the lutumn lake
Your time is now
Soup cod

Backing Tracks Collections

Backing Track albums.
1 hour total playtime, tabs and tracks.



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