H.C. Nilsson

Guitarist - Producer


My name is Chris, session musician based in Stockholm, Sweden.
Recording and performing Guitar / Bass player: Rock, Blues, Country, Funk, Pop & Metal.
Producing and Composing instrumental tracks and backing tracks.
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As a session guitarist, I perform studio recordings, live shows and produce music

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Backing Tracks:

Released Solo Music:


A metal pet-project.
Latest release: Rötan II (2023)
The idea started with the "Rötmånad", the period when food spoils faster during the late summer.
It's a tribute and nostalgia band featuring original music, with the sound influenced by the 90's metal era.


Guitar Lessons & Mentorship

One hour online lesson via any of the webcam services:
Zoom, Discord, Google Meet etc.


A subscription based store that features all the Backing Tracks, Tabs, Notation and Music.All tracks, tabs, notation and music gets uploaded here first:

Singles & Collections

Features 5 released single tracks.
Includes Backing Tracks and Tabs:
Shady couch corner
By the lutumn lake
Your time is now
Soup cod

Backing Tracks Collections

Backing Track albums.
1 hour total playtime, tabs and tracks included:



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